Home Bargains, Matalan and B&M founders in NW Rich List

Stacking em' high and selling 'em cheap racks up billions

Written by  The Confidentials | Follow @ | Friday, 19 April 2013 09:02

John-Hargreaves of MatalanJohn-Hargreaves of MatalanEIGHT North West billionaires are listed in the 2013 Sunday Time Rich List, published this weekend.

The annual list, which profiles the 1,000 richest people and families in the UK, also includes "Britain’s first billionaire under the age of 30".

It's Robin Arora, 28, who shares a £1.1bn fortune with his brothers Simon, 43, and Bobby, 41. 

The brothers run the Liverpool-based cut price store chain B&M Bargains. They have more than doubled their combined fortune in a year, from £487m to £1.1bn, a rise of 126 per cent.

Even so, they are still running second to cut-price store rivals Home Bargains.

Joe Morris Of The Super Rich Home Bargains FamilyJoe Morris Of The Super
Rich Home Bargains Family
The fortune of Tom Morris and his three brothers, who started out with a shop in Old Swan in the 1970s, also doubled in the last year to £1.2bn, proving that one man's cheap bottle of Toilet Duck is the way to another's Indian Ocean yacht or Waitrose trolley.

Skem-based Matalan's John Hargreaves is back on billionaire row after his fortune dropped from £1,3bn to a piddling £600m in 2012. Born less than half a mile from the Liverpool docks where his father worked as a labourer, Hargreaves left school at 14 and got a job on a market stall. Within five years he started his own business. He floated his discount fashion chain in 1998, valued at £200m, but bought it back in 2006 for £817m.

John Whittaker Of PeelJohn Whittaker Of PeelTopping the North West billionaires list is the Duke of Westminster, whose most recent hit is Liverpool ONE. Gerry's property fortune has risen to £7.8bn, up £450m on last year and a Home Bargains opened there last month, so happy days all round.

But hot on his heels is Manxman John Whittaker of Peel Holdings which owns John Lennon Airport, The Port of Liverpool, Trafford Centre and the Port of Salford.


See below for the full list of 20 richest in the North West of England.

Regional rank 2013 Regional rank 2012 Name Source of wealth National rank 2013 wealth 2012 wealth
1 1 The Duke of Westminster Property 8 £7,800m £7,350m
2 2 John Whittaker Property 31= £2,300m £2,175m
3 5 Peter Hargreaves Finance 47  £1,523m  £830m
4 8 Tom Morris and family Discount stores 62 £1,220m £620m
5 4 Lord Grantchester and the Moores family Retailing and football pools 64= £1,220m £1,200m
6 13 Simon, Bobby and Robin Arora Discount stores 73= £1,100m £487m
7 3 Robin Sheppard and family Scrap metal 80 $1,040m £1,235m
8 9 John Hargreaves and family Fashion 84= £1,000m £600m
9 7 Fred and Peter Done Gambling 102= £850m £700m
10 6 Peter Jones and Family Property 124 £707m £720m
11 10 Trevor Hemmings Property 148 £610m £575m
12 14 Michael Oliver and family Engineering 169 £517m £344m
13= 11 The Walker family Aviation, steel and property 173= £500m £510m
13= 12 The Warburton family Baking 173= £500m £500m
15 16 Lord Alliance and family Mail order and textiles 224= £400m £292m
16 17 Sir Lindsey Owen-Jones Beauty products 238= £375m £280m
17= 19 Geoffrey Halstead and family Flooring 246= £350m £270m
17= 15 Henry Moser and family Finance 246= £350m £298m
19 23 Michael Oglesby and family Property 255= £340m £200m
20 18 Sit John Zochonis and family Soap 261= £330m £274m