PR Puffs: Modern lovers in NW embrace the joy of text

Condom firm finds more people turning on, tuning in and dropping off

Written by  The Confidentials | Follow @ | Tuesday, 25 March 2014 14:23

PEOPLE in the North West are too busy fumbling with their handheld devices to enjoy their relationships and sex lives, according to a new poll.

Over 16 per cent of respondents from the North West admitted to answering their phone or reading a text during sex.  Five per cent admitted that they had even checked Facebook whilst making love. LOL.

It seems that our infatuation with the world of tech could be damaging our relationships in the real world. Twenty-eight per cent of North West respondents said their partner had been distracted by some sort of tech device whilst they were getting it on, nearly a quarter believing that it gets in the way of their sex life and 37 per cent agreeing or strongly agreeing that it has a negative effect on their relationship.

Sixty three per cent also admitted that they spend more time using technology while in bed with their partner than actually having sex.  

Sexpert Susan Quilliam said: "Many people find love through dating websites or social media - but it's a worrying trend that many are also feeling gradually ousted in their relationships in favour of interaction online.  

“There is, of course, a great place for technology in our lives but habitual use and reliance on our gadgets can lead to bad habits in relationships."

The point of all this is that Durex is celebrating annual event, Earth Hour, by encouraging people to not only turn off all lights on 29 March but to also switch off their tech, and use the opportunity to reconnect with each other whilst the lights are off.

Of course, to do that you might need to use your phone's torch. Or you could always text each other in the gloom.