PR PUFFS: 'Liverpool women are not fussy at all'

When it comes to dating, guess who has the lowest standards, says survey from Spin, Duck and Dive

Written by  The Confidentials | Follow @ | Friday, 3 October 2014 13:56

"A GLOBAL  social network for meeting new people, has revealed the UK cities with the highest and lowest standards for “swiping right”, and Liverpool tops the list for having the lowest standards when searching to meet someone new via its app or website.

Liverpudlian men and women are 24 percent and 80 percent (respectively) more likely to say yes to someone and "swipe right" than the national average, making chances of finding a match through a social networking app in Liverpool the highest in the UK.

Men from Cardiff & Edinburgh are the most picky, as they’re 30 percent less likely to say yes than the UK average. Meanwhile, women from Bristol and Manchester have more selective taste, being 60 percent less likely to say yes than the UK average.

The dating website’s latest study also highlights the best times to maximise chances of finding your next date. British women are most likely to swipe right in the early hours of the morning between 3am – 6am, however be warned as between 5pm - 7pm they are at their most picky. During their lunch breaks, around 12.30pm - 2pm is when men swipe right the most, but like women they are pickier from 5pm - 7pm.

Compared to the rest of Europe, British girls are 65 percent less likely to swipe right than French, and 71 percent less likely than Austrian. There’s good news if Mr Darcy is your type though, as British bachelors are more likely to say yes than Spanish, German and Dutch men. However, French and British men have similar preferences and are likely to say yes to someone new at the same rate.

Nick Lisher, CMO of the dating website, commented: “Every day, millions of users are meeting new people thanks to a simple swipe of the finger, and it appears that you have the best chance of finding a match in Liverpool. We’ve come to the conclusion that Liverpool either has very low standards, or a disproportionate number of attractive people.”

 Top 10 UK cities places where you are most likely to get a match (highest to lowest)

1. Liverpool

2. Glasgow

3. Sheffield                       

4. Bradford

5. Leeds

6. London

7. Manchester

8. Edinburgh

9. Cardiff

10. Bristol