PR PUFFS: 'Liverpool the least musical city in UK' says here

Written by  Confidential Staff | Follow @ | Wednesday, 2 September 2015 11:51

DESPITE its rich musical history, "Liverpool is now officially the least musical region in the UK", according to today's PR missive from some website that finds you a decorator and the like.

Here we go.

"Once the home of The Beatles, The Lightning Seeds and The Zutons, to name but a few, Liverpool is now in danger of losing its status as the mother of Britpop , with guitar lessons accounting for a mere 1% of requests for services within the region - one of the lowest in the UK. The West Midlands, home of Black Sabbath, the Specials and Steel Pulse, is the region most in tune with learning the guitar, with residents seeking lessons in droves.

"Interestingly, in the absence of music, residents have also turned to playing house - requests for cleaners and gardeners account for just over a fifth of all requests in the region, with decorating also well above the national average, putting Liverpool high above its northern neighbours in terms of house pride. Rewiring also appears to be a regional pastime, with residents requesting electricians four times more than their neighbours in the North East.

People looking for gardeners in Sefton Park last weekendPeople looking for gardeners in Sefton Park last weekend

"An area of confirmed pet-lovers, residents in Liverpool request pet grooming and dog training services like their pooches are going out of fashion. However, they are much less likely to leave their pets alone - 50% less likely to request pet sitters than those in the South West."

John Oberlin-Harris, of, the website which commisioned this, allegedly said: “Pick up your guitars and get singing! This area has been home to some of the world’s most iconic bands - let’s keep the tradition alive. It is really interesting to see that people in Liverpool are so house proud and pet mad though - and I’m glad to see that their household pets aren’t getting left home alone!

“We’re delighted to see that Bark services are striking such a chord in the area. We make things as easy as possible for both customers and professionals by doing the legwork to help them connect, and it is pleasing to see such demand in this region.”