PR Puffs: A breakdown of builders in the North West

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Written by  The Confidentials | Follow @ | Friday, 28 February 2014 12:40

The average builder in the North West earns £25,000, is called Andy – and loves a chocolate digestive (it says here).

A study of 500 builders sought to profile the daily lives of Britain’s handiest men, with results showing that North West builders, on average, have been married for 12 years and drive 14,612 miles a year.

They have at least four projects currently on the go and consume five hot drinks every day – normally tea with just the one sugar.

The research, which was commissioned by a manufacturer of bespoke aluminium bi-folding doors, found the average builder in the North West clocks up 281 miles a week on average.

The research sought to praise the efforts of Britain’s tradesmen and identify their stresses and strains - when asked about the most stressful aspects of their working lives builders were most likely to cite the British weather (35%).

Dealing with finances (19%) and unreasonable customers (18%) were also common grumbles, as they juggle multiple projects, planning issues and tight deadlines.

It was also found that only 64% of builders in the North West would prefer to buy British products, but when asked who was the main culprit for holding up a job or building project the majority of builders blamed manufacturers or suppliers for not getting the materials to them in time.

Yesterday the head of the firm which makes the bespoke doors said: “We all know that no two builders are the same, but wanted to show just how hard they work and the pressure they are under.

“The results show just how much of a shift goes into being  a tradesman and the amount they have to juggle over long days and many of the findings go against some of the stereotypes.

“On top of the early starts, many are on their feet for over 10 hours a day carrying out physical activity, worrying about finances, employee retention and customer satisfaction, as well as keeping up with the latest building regulations, energy-efficient solutions and sustainable technologies.”

The study found the average North West builder wakes up by 6.47am and is out of the door by 7.38am on a week day.

For lunch, sandwiches as part of a packed lunch is still the overwhelming meal of choice - with chicken salad or chicken and bacon the likely fillers.

The tradesman, most commonly named Andy, followed by Anthony and Steven, get through their days while listening to Radio 1 – which emerged as the station of choice for Britain’s tradesmen.

Clocking off time kicks in by 5.27pm and all being well most said they’re able to put their feet up by 7.05pm.