Valentine's PR Puffs: Liverpool's top 10 spots for a quick one

Back of the car or works toilet: which are you?

Written by  Liverpool Confidential | Follow @ | Thursday, 11 February 2016 12:59

"With the most romantic day of the year fast approaching..." it begins, like so many other spiked press releases. 

But what's this jostling for attention? The people at Spin, Duck and Dive thought they would blow that notion out of the water for their client Jurys Inn. Today they reveal what they coyly call "sex spots" which the folks of Liverpool apparently favour most.

In other words, go-to places for all your knee trembling needs.

Unsurprisingly for a hotel chain: "Sharing a room," and "Hotel rooms" top the list. However they are closely followed by the dance floor of a night club and the works toilet. 

Anyway, the point of all this? "To celebrate the findings and to turn up the heat this Valentine’s Day, Jurys Inn is infusing its bedroom pillows with an exclusive scent made up of aphrodisiacs known to help guests get lucky between the sheets." 

It goes on: "The bespoke scent, called ‘Pillow Talk’ - coincidentally the same name as ex One D heart throb Zayn Malik’s new single (???) has been specifically created by Jurys Inn and includes saucy scents that set senses alight such as Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Black Pepper."

Suzanne Cannon, head of marketing at Jurys Inn, said: “With a fifth of Brits admitting that hotels turn them on, we’re only too delighted to inject a little fun into our Valentine’s Day celebrations.  Anyone staying with us over the Valentine’s weekend can take full advantage of ‘our love scented pillows and by booking our Valentine’s Day package dinners included as well from £104 - what’s not to love?”  

Those of you in the cheap seats will have to make do with Harpic. 

Next time: Otterspool tops list of sex spots in RAC poll as romantic Magic Tree fragrance unveiled.

'Favourite Liverpool nooks and crannies' for a spot of how's yer arlfella
1.      Sharing a bed (35.70%)

2.      Hotel rooms (21.40%)

3.      On the dance floor of a club (8.20%)

4.      Public place (5.40%)

5.      At a parents house (3.10%)

6.      Work toilet (3.00%)

7.      In the backseat of a car (2%)

8.      In the cinema (2%)

9.      At the gym post workout (1%)

10.   On an aeroplane (1%)

Poll of 2,000 people conducted nationwide