Dark day for Darth Vader on Liverpool train

Even the greatest villain in the galaxy can't strike past this barrier...

Written by  Angie Sammons | Follow @twangeee | Saturday, 17 December 2016 14:54

MERSEYRAIL may be getting rid of its guards, but the force remained with passengers today when Darth Vader boarded the 12.42 service at Seaforth.

The startling presence of the lone traveller, today, prompted both adults and thrilled children to ask for selfies with the self-styled Sith Lord, in the sort of numbers that would leave Santa feeling dejected.

“He might be the greatest villain in the galaxy, but he did not put his feet on the seats,” one onlooker told Liverpool Confidential, 

“He seemed to prefer to stand and just said ‘As you wish,’ when people started pointing their mobile phones at him.” 

May the Seaforth be with you: Darth Vader boards the Northern Line train. Pic by Conaill Corner

Your powers are weak: The Star Wars villain makes his feeble excuses after being challenged by a Merseyrail operative for travelling without a valid ticket. Pic by Conaill Corner

But even the Supreme Commander of The Fleet can come unstuck and as the train to Central hurtled along that last known trajectory known as the Northern Line, Darth must have sensed that his powers were weak. 

For, alas, at his destination, he underestimated the force of Merseyrail operatives and was challenged at the barrier for failing to produce a valid ticket for his journey.

Whether he told the gatekeeper, “I find your lack of faith disturbing,” as he fumbled through his cloak is not known. Nor may we ever learn what name and address our Star Wars hero gave when challenged.

But while contemplating that possible £20 penalty fine, there can only have been one sombre reminder for Darth where Merseyrail is concerned: You don’t know the power of the dark side, so next time stay on until Brunswick, lad.