Do you show zero tolerance to a dodgy score on the door?

Debenhams and Stevie G's Vincent Cafe lurk in bottom of Liverpool hygiene league

Written by  Liverpool Confidential | Follow @livconfidential | Monday, 6 February 2017 00:00

DO you know how hygienic your favourite takeaway or cafe is? And if you did, would you think twice about dining there? 

According to new research from commercial insurer NFU Mutual, almost half of customers will physically turn away from the front doors of nearly 9,000 Merseyside restaurants, takeaways and cafés when, in 2019, they will be legally required to display their food hygiene ratings. Good, bad or ugly.

Mandatory display means any outlet that serves or sells food must display its score in a prominent place such as the front door or window.

The Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme uses a rating system from 0-5. More than 84 percent of businesses in the North West that serve or sell food have a food hygiene rating of 4 (good) or 5 (very good). 

It's is so significant that even customer loyalty cannot prevail against it - a huge 38 percent of people said that if a favourite food outlet had scored 3 out of 5 "generally satisfactory" or less, they would stop visiting altogether.

For the same score of three or less, 45 percent would not consider visiting a food outlet they hadn’t tried before.

With more than 800 Liverpool eating places having a Food Standards Agency rating of 3 (generally satisfactory) or less, that's more than 20 percent - it's not going to be great for business.

St Helens comes bottom of the pile in Merseydise with more than a quater of establishments going three or below. But pity the pie loving people of Wigan who notched up 38 percent of fair to filthy eating places.

And we're not likely to forget easily either. Even if a food business had a poor food hygiene rating and made changes that rectified it to a very good food hygiene rating, over half (55 percent) of people would either have lost trust and not be satisfied that the hygiene was up to standard or that the food was safe, or be more satisfied but still wary of the hygiene and safety of the food

215 Merseyside establishments currently have a one star rating, indicating that ‘major improvement is necessary.’ 

The list of shame includes Bold Street's Soul Cafe, Lark Lane favourites Love & Rockets and The Meat Factory, Kabinett on Myrtle Street and the City of Liverpool Community College. 

Debenham's on Lord Street got a shocking zero rating, indicating that "urgent improvement is necessary", as did Steven Gerrard's swishy Vincent Cafe on Exchange Flags.

Commenting on the report, Darren Seward, Hospitality Sector Specialist at NFU Mutual, said “It’s fantastic to see that 84 pc of food outlets in the North West have a rating of good or very good and the industry as a whole is taking real pride in food hygiene, but imminent compulsory displays are destined to be a game changer for those businesses struggling to reach the top grades." 



FSA Rating of zero - urgent improvement necessary

Buffet Club
23-25 Prescot Street   L7 8UE

Chicken Bazooka
9-11 Ranelagh Place   L3 5SB

Chopstix Noodle Bar
Unit E Saint Georges Way St Johns Precinct   L1 1LY

42 Lord Street   L2 1TA

Hometown Dining House
Arrad Street   L7 7JE

Mr Chilli Limited
Ground Floor 92 Seel Street   L1 4BL

Vincent Cafe & Cocktail Bar
Unit 2 Walker House Exchange Passage West Exchange Flags   L2 3YL


FSA rating of 1 - major improvement necessary

Button Street Smokehouse
2-4 Baker House Button Street   L2 6PT

Butty Bar
Parfitts Car Park Larch Lea   L6 5BN 

Cafe Mama's
58 Aigburth Road   L17 7BN

Cafe Naz
8 High Street   L15 8HG

Chatty Church Cafe
St Christophers Church Lorenzo Drive   L11 1BQ

561 West Derby Road   L13 8AD

Coffee Shop
57 Lodge Lane   L8 0QE

Cole's Cafe
Unit 2 Gateway Complex 17 Saint Marys Road   L19 2NJ  

71a Mount Pleasant   L3 5TB

Daisy's Deli
282 Saint Marys Road   L19 1QD

Dens Diner
227 Lowerhouse Lane   L11 2SF

Elif Turkish BBQ Restaurant
33 Bold Street   L1 4DN

Fork Cafe
131 Vauxhall Road   L3 6BN

Four Seasons Restaurants and Bar
78-82 Renshaw Street   L1 2SJ

184 Townsend Lane   L13 9DN 

Golden Empire Chinese Restaurant
42 Prescot Road   L7 0JA

Gulshan Indian Restaurant
544-548 Aigburth Road   L19 3QG

Jasmine's Indian & Sri Lankan Rest.
36-38 Townsend Lane   L6 0BA

Lazeez Grill House
34-48 London Road   L3 5NF

Liverpool Somali Community Centre
57 Granby Street   L8 2TU 

Meat Factory
101 Lark Lane   L17 8UP

Momtaj 2
80-82 Rice Lane   L9 1DD

New China Restaurant
27-31 Berry Street   L1 9DF

Pac Lunch
17 Childwall Valley Road   L16 4PB 

Poundcafe & Poundbakery
41 Saint Johns Precinct Houghton Street   L1 1LP

4 South Hunter Street   L1 9JG

Soul Cafe Ltd
114 Bold Street   L1 4HY  

The City of Liverpool Community College
30 Clarence Street   L3 5TP

The Goodison Cafe
19 Goodison Road   L4 4EH

The Great Wall Restaurant
4 Childwall Abbey Road   L16 0JN 

The Housewifes Kitchen
397 Edge Lane   L7 9LQ

The New Station Coffee Shop
85 Woolton Road   L19 6P

Unique Juices & Nutrition
379 Eaton Road   L12 2AH

Yo's Restaurant
18 Wavertree Road   L7 1PQ

Zatar Lebanese & Syrian Street Food
45 Lodge Lane   L8 0QE


FSA rating of 2 - improvement necessary

Antalya Barbecue Restaurant
72-74 Rose Lane   L18 8AG 

Babylon Grill
417 Smithdown Road   L15 3JL 

Balti Massala
130 Warbreck Moor   L9 0HY

Barley and Beans
17 Hatton Garden   L3 2HA

58 Moss Lane   L9 8AN

Bulldog Butty Bar
6 Honeys Green Precinct   L12 9JH

Cafe 90
90 Compass Industrial Estate Spindus Road   L24 1YA

Caveau Ltd
59 Allerton Road   L25 7RE

Chilli Pot
26 North John Street   L2 9RU

China City
46-48 Nelson Street   L1 5DN

City Square
Tithebarn Street   L2 2BP

Coffee Break
Cafe Belle Vale Shopping Centre   L25 2RF

DCE Cafe
119 Green Lane   L13 7BB

Derek's Noodle Bar
65 Renshaw Street   L1 2SJ 

Dolphin Cafe
24 Speke Road   L19 2PA   

7-9 High Street   L15 8HE

Evil Eye Beer & Burrito Shack
208 Smithdown Road   L15 3JT

Kurdastan Cafe
55 London Road   L3 8HY

Lady of Mann
19 Dale Street   L2 2EZ

Las Iguanas
Unit P7 14 Paradise Street   L1 8JF

Mall Cafe
The Mall Unit 4 Breck Road  L4 2QZ 

Mattel Play
Albert Dock   L3 4AA   

Mayflower Restaurant
48 Duke Street   L1 5AS

Middle East Bazaar
93 Lodge Lane   L8 0QF

Naked Lunch
431 Smithdown Road   L15 3JL

Parkers Cafe
25 Warbreck Moor   L9 4RW

Peking Duck Restaurant
471 Smithdown Road   L15 5AE

Pete's Place
91 Regent Road   L5 9TD

Rococo Coffee House Limited
61 Lord Street   L2 6PB

Royal Court Theatre
Roe Street   L1 1HL

1 Lightbody Street   L5 9UU

15-17 Church Road   L15 9EA

Unit P28 South John Street   L1 8LW 

Tai Ping Restaurant
292-294 Smithdown Road   L15 5AJ

The Clove Hitch
23 Hope Street   L1 9BQ 

The Deli Sandwich Bar & Coffee Shop
395 Smithdown Road   L15 3JJ

The Grand Cafe
219 Warbreck Moor   L9 0HU

The Pound Deli Shop
108 County Road   L4 3QW

Data from the Food Standards Agency, February 2017.