In Pictures: A brand new Banksy (Liverpool Biplane)

Exclusive: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes, to the last one

Written by  Angie Sammons | Follow @twangeee | Thursday, 15 December 2011 14:39

WHAT could be more romantic than this: a biplane, looping the loop and etching, in its wake, a love heart in the sky? 

And even though this one is located on a gable end wall in Rumford Street/Covent Garden, by the Pig and Whistle pub, it's made people here feel all fuzzy and warm. 

It has also made us wish we were makers of greeting cards, for Banksy's latest piece of Liverpool artwork is exactly the sort of image that could well end up in red envelopes come a February 14 soon - making somebody a mint. 

Has the Bristol man of mystery gone all soft, or is there another, darker, meaning? There's a similar work near London's Wapping Station. This one went up sometime last week and is pictured on Banksy's official site.

It follows on the claws of his most famous Liverpool work, the Whitehouse pub Rat: Another piece that, depending on the state of your relationship choices, may be a more appropriate image to send next Valentine's Day. 

Chocks (or should that be chocs?) away.

A Liverpool City Council spokesman would not be drawn on whether it's a cultural asset to the city, but told Liverpool Confidential as it's not their building and as it doesn't appear to be offensive, they would not be taking action to remove it.

Banksy obviously likes Liverpool: there have been many other bits and pieces in the last few years. And Liverpool largely seems to like Banksy.

Perhaps we will go further and lay it on the line: Banksy, we heart you.

Pictures with thanks to The Lonely Villein